Boichuk clinic is a modern family clinic with a full range of dental services. Our studio has developed a concept and implemented a new interior for the clinic.
The complex two-level space of the clinic contains four treatment rooms, a surgical unit, an X-ray room, a sterilization room, a meeting room and other utility and service rooms. Monolithic surfaces of seamless floors and white walls unify the space and active visual markers highlight important interior areas. Entrances to treatment rooms and the ward for patients are covered in panels with warm wooden texture.
Children treatment room Boichuk kids is one of the most interesting areas of the clinic. The treatment room and its own waiting area have a vivid orange floor and interactive figures of colorful “Toothies” on the walls.
Minimalist graphic elements of navigation and a new identity developed by our partners Orchidea agency help visitors to orient themselves in the structure of the clinic.

Location: Kremenchuk, Ukraine
Total area: 255 m²
Architects: Yuriy SalabayAndrii DiedykIryna Banar
Photo: Yuriy Salabay