This project is the product of collaboration of two studios: A44 STUDIO (architecture) and ARMZ (interior).
The basis of the project is rationality – starting from the placement of the house on the site and ending with the smallest interior details.
The context of the building site is a one-, two-storey manor housing with gabled roofs. Our task was to harmoniously fit the new building into the environment, making it modern and functional at the same time.
Visually, the house is divided into two one-story volumes with different facade finishes, which, at the same time, form an active and a quiet area in the interior. In the active area under the high ceiling of the gable roof is located a spacious living room with open kitchen, which is adjacent to the covered terrace. In the adjoining lower volume of the quiet area of ​​the house are located two bedrooms, which have access to a common terrace in the backyard. The communication node that separates two zones includes a corridor, a bathroom and a technical room.
The color scheme of the interior of the house is neutral. White background color of the walls and textures of natural wood are complemented by contrasting graphic black elements. The kitchen, as well as the most of the cabinet furniture in the house is made of white laminated plywood.
The garage is built separately from the house. Its simple forms compositionally balance the buildings on the site.

Location: Sambir, Ukraine
Total area: 170 m²
Architects: Yuriy SalabayDmytro YavorskyiAndrii Diedyk
Photo: Yuriy Salabay